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Welcome to the Steam Mill Road project website! 
The purpose of this corridor study is to create a safer walking and driving environment by reducing the frequency and severity of bicycle, pedestrian, and vehicular accidents along Steam Mill Road. 


This study will develop a menu of corridor improvements.  Some of the recommendations can be implemented very quickly and affordably.  Other recommendations may be more costly and require additional planning.  Your input has been an essential element of this process. Through feedback from our interactive map and project questionnaire, you have guided the project team on developing the list of improvements and prioritizing their implementation.  We have examined safety elements for automobiles, bicycles, pedestrians, and transit facilities.

A Roadway Safety Audit report has document the process, findings, and recommendations. This analysis represents an interim step prior to preparing engineering-level design and construction plans in future phases. 


The project begins at Buena Vista Road and extends approximately two miles to the east, ending at Pinecrest Drive, presented in the accompanying map.

Steam Mill Study Area Map.jpg


Do you have questions, comments, or other insights to share with the project team?

Reach out to the project manager:

Donna Newman, PE

Director of Engineering

Columbus Consolidated Government 

(706) 653-4441

Thanks for commenting!

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