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Project Overview

This project evaluates strategies to improve safety and mobility along Steam Mill Road in southeast Columbus. The project begins at Buena Vista Road and extends along Steam Mill Road to Pinecrest Drive. The corridor is approximately two miles long with about 4,500 vehicles per day.  It is a major two-lane, east-west route with several residential neighborhoods (approximately 175 fronting Steam Mill Road), churches, and small local grocery stores. Near the middle of the corridor at Dogwood Drive is Dimon Magnet Academy elementary school.  Additionally, Shirley Winston Park is located at the eastern end of the study corridor at Northstar Drive.  In addition to the signalized intersections of Dogwood Drive and Northstar Drive, other key intersecting streets includes Buena Vista Road, also signalized, and Southern Pines/McCartha Drive.

The primary objectives of this project are safety enhancements for the corridor including traffic calming, sidewalk repairs and extensions, intersection upgrades, and signing and marking improvements.

Partners/Agencies Involved

The Steam Mill Road Corridor Project is sponsored by the Columbus Consolidated Government.

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Do you have questions, comments, or other insights to share with the project team?

Reach out to the project manager:

Donna Newman, PE

Director of Engineering

Columbus Consolidated Government 


(706) 653-4441

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